Referee Information

TRSC'S Uniform Policy

The following rules must be enforced, effective Monday May 8, 2017:
All players must wear TRSC uniforms, as follows:
  • Black soccer socks – must COVER shin guards
  • Black soccer shorts – must be soccer shorts and not only black shorts
  • Jerseys – must be their own sponsored team jerseys
  • Shin guards – all players must wear shin guards

Please enforce the uniform rule consistently and any player without proper or near proper uniform cannot play.

Cool Down & Fair Play Rules

The following are the mandatory rules for all age divisions (effective May 31, 2010).
Cool Down Rule:
After a caution (yellow card) is issued, the player must leave the field of play for a 5 minute cool down period. This player can be substituted and his/her team does not play short.
Fair Play Rule:
After one team is ahead in score by 4 goals, the winning team must remove a player from the field.
After each goal scored by the winning team, a player is removed, to the minimum required for the game to continue (which is 8 players in these age divisions).  A team can never play less than the minimum.
If the losing teams scores a goal and there is no longer a 4 goal lead, then the winning team can place a player back on the field.

U8 - U10 Rules

The rules below are TRSC house league rules that differ from other divisions and/or FIFA rules.
The follow apply to U8 – U10 age divisions.
Free Kicks:
All free kicks are direct, there are NO indirect free kicks in these age divisions (this is a new rule for 2010).
There are no penalty kicks in the U8 division.
There are PKs in the U9 & U10 divisions.
There is no off-side in these age divisions (the rule was in effect in 2009).
Foul Throw-ins:
For U8 age division: foul throw-ins are retaken until the player completes the throw-in properly. The team awarded the throw-in does not lose possession of the ball if there is a foul throw-in.
For U9 – U10 age divisions: The player is allowed one retry after a foul throw-in. On the second attempt, if the throw-in is still foul, then the opposing team is awarded the throw-in.
Ball Size:
Size 4 ball
Game Duration:
For U8 age division: Two 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute break at half-time.
For U9 – U10 age divisions: Two 25 minute halves, with a 5 minute break at half-time.

New Substitution Rule

Effective immediately, any substitution, by both teams, at all age levels can be completed an any team’s throw-in.

Retreat Line Rule

U4 to U10 after a goal or a goal kick the opposing team will retreat to half . After the ball is kicked the opposing team start  can start play again.


We play in rain but never in lightning.  Safety is our greatest concern.

If there are signs of lightning, there is a 15 minute waiting period. If during this period, lightning is not seen again, then the game resumes.

If there is lightning during this period, then you must wait another 15 minutes from the most current lightning sight.

During the wait time, please ask the coaches to have all players, parents, etc. to wait in their automobiles or another safe place (under trees are not safe!).

At any time during the above conditions, if both coaches agree, the game can be abandoned.

If abandoned after to the start of the 2nd half, then the score remains and the game is not rescheduled.

If the abandoned prior to start of the 2nd half, then the game will be rescheduled and played in whole.

Game Assignments & Attendance

Games will be assigned by the TRSC Referee scheduler and the E2E system.
Trading or giving away games is not permitted.
If you are not able to make a game, inform the scheduler and they will re-assign.
If this procedure is not followed, you will be fined for not attending your assigned game and no pay will be made to anyone not officially scheduled for the game.
Show up 15 minutes prior to your game and sign in, collect your flags and ball and then proceed to field.
Not signing in is considered an absence.
If you are not there to sign in in a timely manner, the game could be re-assigned.
Keep communication open and call if you can’t make it or will be late. But don’t make this a habit!
Games will be assigned 2 weeks at a time and 2 weeks in advance (except for week 1, the first week, games will be assigned a week before).
Schedules will be posted on the E2E Ref Centre, where you would have to log in. Please place your availability on the E2E Ref Centre.
4-Day Rule:
You have 4 days to respond to a game offering. If you have not responded within 4 days, then the game will be offered to someone else.
Download E2E FAQ Sheet

Forms & Equipment

Referee Contacts

Mauro Pozzuoli

Head Referee

Phone: 226-345-1556

Ainsley McKrow

Head Referee

Phone: 519-995-1339

TRSC is accepting applications for those interested in reffing.